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Product details

Vacuum mixing equipment upgrade products, convenient and flexible to get fresh epoxy resin mixture!


The vacuum mixing equipment is to mix different parts of the epoxy resin mixture, and evenly mix them by equipment. In principle, the shorter the mixing time, the fresher the material. The traditional dynamic mixing method is to mix and mix evenly by stirring, but it takes a certain time for the mixing and mixing to mix the two-component materials uniformly, which affects the gel time of the materials, and the longer the mixing time, The more severe the aging of the mixture. The static mixing equipment pushes the material of equal pressure through the metering pump of the upper stage to realize the “material division-position movement-reconvergence” turbulence. In addition to the above three conditions, the fluid will also generate severe eddy current in the cross-section direction, which is very strong. The shear force acts on the fluid, causing the fluid to further split and mix and eventually mix to form the desired emulsion. It is called a "static" mixer because there are no moving parts in the static mixer. Through the cross-over method, the mixing of more than 100 million times is realized instantaneously, the mixing time is shortened to the greatest extent, and the chemical reaction time of the two-component materials is basically all delivered to the mold.

Main components:

The complete configuration of static vacuum mixing equipment is: one set of packing tons of bagging system, one set of packing drying conveying system, one set of resin mixing degassing tank system, one set of curing agent mixing degassing tank system, and resin metering One set of tank system, one set of curing agent metering tank system, four sets of high-precision silicon carbide metering pump system, four sets of static mixer system, eight sets of material collection cylinder system, four sets of heating system, two sets of vacuum system, cooling water A set of systems, a set of compressed air systems, a set of control systems, and a set of equipment steel frames. Static vacuum mixing equipment can also be easily configured for cost reduction. The configuration for small output is: a set of resin degassing metering tank system, a set of curing agent degassing metering tank system, a set of high-precision silicon carbide metering pump system, static One set of mixer system, one set of material collection cylinder system, one set of heating system, one set of vacuum system, one set of cooling water system, one set of compressed air system, one set of control system, one set of equipment steel frame.


The final mixing tank of the dynamic equipment is replaced by the static mixer of the static equipment. The same pressure, the same or different proportions of materials pushed by the metering pump are mixed by mixing, the mixing time is short, the mixture is fresh, the flow performance is superior, and the coil is improved. Invasiveness. In short, the gel state of the first kilogram of the mixture and the last kilogram of the mixture in the dynamic mixing tank is different, and the material that enters the mold later than the material in the front, viscosity and infiltration The sex is much lower, that is, the quality is uncontrollable; and the gel state of the static mixture hitting the mold every stroke is exactly the same, regardless of time.

The degree of automation of the equipment is very high, especially the loading function of the powdered filler is very ideal, which can effectively prevent the dust from polluting the environment. Its working principle and operation process are:

1) The tonnage station consists of frame, unpacking hopper, electric hoist, dust collector, rotary feed valve (set this valve according to the requirements of the later process).

2) The electric hoist is fixed on the beam of the top frame;

3) The ton bag is lifted by the electric hoist to the top of the hopper, the bag mouth extends into the hopper feed port, then close the bag valve, untie the bag rope, slowly open the bag valve, and the material in the bag flows smoothly into the hopper;

4) The material is fed to the lower part of the rotary valve through the hopper, and enters the bottom pipe. The packing is transported by means of closed vacuum conveying, and the opening and closing angle of the gas ballast valve is adjusted according to the season and air humidity. time.

5)The design of the volume, angle and form of the ton-packed silo meets the requirements of pneumatic long-distance transport of 1000 to 1500 kg per hour.

6)For fine powder materials The equipment can be equipped with built-in or external dust collector to filter out the dust generated during the dumping process and discharge the clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere, so that workers can work easily in a clean environment. If it is a clean granular material, the dust content is small, and the polyester filter element is installed at the exhaust port to achieve the purpose of dust removal, and no dust remover is needed;

7) The overall height can be controlled between 5-6 meters to meet the height requirements;

8) If the electric hoist is fixed on the frame, the top slab does not need to bear this load;

9) The bottom of the unpacking machine is fixed with anchor bolts, no need to pre-bury the foundation;

10) When the number of unpacking machines is large, it can also be placed side by side, which is convenient for centralized management and planning of the factory.

Application areas:

The casting production of dry transformers, dry transformers, dry reactors, basin insulators, insulators, etc. requires an epoxy vacuum casting equipment whose main function is to cast epoxy resin into the mold. The steps are also an important part of dry product production. In the specific implementation, the wound coil is first pre-baked in an oven, and the temperature reaches the temperature required for the active flow of the resin, and then transferred to the casting tank to vacuum-cast the epoxy coil in the mold to be ring-shaped. After the oxygen resin overflows the mold and the coil, it is transferred to the curing furnace, and after being completely solidified in the curing furnace, the mold is removed and the mold is removed to obtain a complete dry coil.

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